The Buenos Aires Pianist

The Argentine pianist Mario Marzan presents his renowned solo piano performance, which gives the audience a musical journey covering the Tango and Latin American music, jazz and classical music.

All with his style, entertaining as virtuosic, which draws in from the first moment.

Leaning on his television charisma and his comments always interesting, the recital will be away from the typical concert format to be transformed into a delightful musical evening where humor and audience participation are present.

The History of Tango from the Piano

Mario Marzan from piano takes a chronological musical journey of tango from its beginnings in the late XIX century to the present, enriched with brief biographical references and / or Mario Marzan tells stories with spontaneous sympathy (In NON Spanish-speaking countries does it with a translator).

In the concerts will appreciate the different styles and rhythms of the tango orchestras such as: Canaro, Firpo, D'Arienzo, Pugliese, Di Sarli, Troilo, Fresedo, Biaggi, Maderna, Mores, and Piazzola Salgán to name some of many. And of course, there will be songs composed by Mario Marzan.

This is a completely original tango show which highlights the virtuoso, being an entertaining and informative experience for the public.

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